Victory Family Center Church, Giving out “Shoes that Grow” to Modipane School, and King’s Hand School Math Program (Oct 7-10)

On Sunday the 7th, we went to a smaller church, Victory Family Center Church in Gaborone, with Maruping. Here is the pastor and some of the congregation singing acapella songs.


We went out to a lunch with Andre and his wife. Mike Webb asked if we could bring 25 Armor of God coins for him to use in his ministry as he disciples people.


On Monday the 8th, we met at the Youth for Christ Center for a prayer meeting and sang songs with the staff. We prayed for their ministry and for the surrounding countries. Ember, originally from Michigan, led us in praise and worship. She has served in Youth for Christ Botswana for almost 9 years.


Later that night, two families came over to our house. We gave them shoes and explained the Gospel to them. Each guest received a Gospel bracelet and a talking cup that says “Jesus loves me”.


Here is the mother and her children wearing the Shoes that Grow! They also enjoyed reading the handwritten notes on the cards. Youth for Christ will let us know how the shoes last over the coming years.


Both of the families are holding up the bracelets, cards, cups and are wearing the shoes.


The next day, October 9th, we drove to Modipane School (the nearby village to Mochudi) and gave out 20 pairs of Shoes that Grow. We also shared the Gospel while Jubi, a pastor we met at Victory Family Center, translated to Setswana.


The children were so happy to receive a brand new pair of shoes!


Here is the big group of students with our team and the teachers. Most of these children received a new pair of shoes. The lady in charge of visitors always says no to groups who want to come. But she felt the Holy Spirit telling her to say yes to us and she praised the Lord for the shoes and the love of God she felt.


On the way home we took a shortcut through a dirt road that lasted about 30 minutes. In the middle of nowhere, we realized that we had a flat tire. When we changed the tire, we found that the spare was flat too! We were stranded for a while but Maruping’s friend came to rescue us.


The next morning we drove to Gaborone to Kings Hand School which is an Accelerated Christian Education school where George’s daughters attend. Miriam was so excited to have a backstage that was cooler than in front for a change. She was in the shade with a breeze blowing through.


Here is Jaden helping the students add up a number for a math trick.


George and Kaelo helped hold up the Tic Tac Toe game board while Jaden and an assistant play the game. Despite looking like a simple game, it contains mathematics and strategy to reveal a picture on the other side. (See the picture below this one for the 9 of heart).


During the second half of the program, we shared the Good News using Gospel illustrations. Here we are illustrating that when Jesus died on the cross, He removed our sins with His blood and brings us close to God.


We concluded the program with a giant card trick where the King of Hearts turned into a picture of Jesus!


After the program we gave the students Gospel bracelets and handwritten cards from people in Boise, Idaho!


After the program we went out to lunch with Lisa Jamu and her mom, Sandy. Lisa is the founder of Stepping Stones in Botswana. She was so happy that we returned for a second time and helped in her ministry.


Later that night we went to Game City Mall and were amazed at this sunset! Then we went to dinner with a family from Crosspoint Family Church.


Prayer Requests:

  1. Pray for Youth for Christ Botswana that whatever they do flows from their relationship with God rather than becoming just a program. They are also trying to get a youth center started in Gaborone and get more long term volunteers. They are planning a skill development program next year to help people, because the unemployment rate is high in Botswana.
  2. Pray for all of the children that attended our programs and listened to the Gospel. We are asking God to bring back to their memories the truth of the Gospel.
  3. Pray for safe travels – we leave Saturday night! We will fly to Johannesburg, to Amsterdam, to Seattle, and then to Boise. We will arrive on Sunday, October 14, at 9:22 p.m.



1 thought on “Victory Family Center Church, Giving out “Shoes that Grow” to Modipane School, and King’s Hand School Math Program (Oct 7-10)

  1. You guys absolutely amaze us! How many suitcases full of items did you take with you from Idaho, we wondered. ‘Praying for a safe flight home now.

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