Young Mothers Talk, Bokamoso Math Program, and giving out “Shoes that Grow” to Tapologo Day Care and Open Baptist Church, Flying Home (Oct 11-14)

Long post alert! We are writing this back at home in Boise, Idaho!

On October 11th, we went to Stepping Stones International to talk with the young mothers. There was some miscommunication so it was rescheduled to Thursday morning and we were so glad it worked out! Here are some of the mothers having fun making shapes with the body bands as a fun opening activity.


Some of the young mothers with their children enjoyed watching a few magic tricks that Bob and Jaden showed them.


Then we shared the gospel using object lessons and a Powerpoint presentation.


Brittany talked about her passion for art, photography and ceramics. She also shared how Jesus offers us a reset and He can change everything!


Miriam talked about her life story and how God should be in the center of your life.


At the end of our talk, the ladies chose an encouraging card that Brittany and Miriam colored over the past few weeks. They also received an Armor of God coin, Gospel bracelet and a Choose to Wait booklet from Youth for Christ.


Later that afternoon we went to Bokamoso Junior Secondary School for our last math magic program of our trip. The 800 students were so interested in the show!


Bob shared many fun math magic tricks like the rope routine.


After the large assembly, we met with a group of vulnerable students that meet for tutoring a few times a week after school. Bob shared fun activities using simple materials like paper, scissors, paperclips, and rubber bands. We also shared the Gospel and gave them bracelets.


The next morning, October 12th, we went to Tapologo Day Care that partners with Youth for Christ and a local church. We met with a group of children who needed a pair of shoes. We shared the gospel using an EvangeCube and it was translated to Setswana.


Inside these bags were a pair of the Shoe that Grows! The bags were made in Uganda and people in Boise, Idaho decorated the outside with pictures and words like “Jesus loves you!” and “Walk in love!” Inside each bag was a card with a handwritten note or verse.


Miriam and Jaden putting on the shoes on the little children. Since the shoes are brand new, they were quite stiff so we fit them to each child.


All of the kids joined in a circle with one of the handwritten cards in the middle.


The children were about 2 and half to 6 years old. We couldn’t take any photos of the kids faces because they were vulnerable orphans.


The kids marched around the room singing “Walk in the light of the Lord.” It brought so much warmth to our hearts to see them wearing the new shoes and singing songs about Jesus.


Jesus loves all the little children!


Then we went back to the Youth for Christ office to help plant four little palm trees, one for each of us!


Our final program was on the morning of October 13th, the day we flew back home. We drove to Gaborone to speak with teenagers at Open Baptist Church. Bob started the program with a few silly tricks before introducing the Gospel.


We shared the story of the Prodigal Son using the story sticks.


Each kid received a pair of shoes! We had exactly the right amount of shoes for everyone there, praise the Lord!


They also got a Gospel bracelet to remind them of the message we shared with them.


After the program we went to George Steinbach’s house for lunch. Bob shared fun games and magic tricks with the three girls, Zoey, Francisca, and Natasha.


Miriam made a quilt and table runner for George and Zele to thank them for everything.


And sadly, it was time to leave Botswana! Here is Miriam and Jaden walking to our plane, the first flight of 4.


The next flight was from Johannesburg to Amsterdam, over 10 hours long.


The Amsterdam airport had a giant spinning globe indicating international airports. We reflected on our time in Africa


We loved the view of the snowy mountains!


Amsterdam was very green compared to Botswana! Then we flew to Seattle and then to Boise! After over 36 hours of traveling, it was so good to be home!


Prayer Requests:

  1. Praise that we landed safely in Boise, Idaho late on Sunday night!
  2. Pray for the salvation of the people who heard the Gospel in Botswana

Thank you all so much for reading about our long 6 week journey! We appreciate each and every one of you who took the time to read each post and to pray for us!

1 thought on “Young Mothers Talk, Bokamoso Math Program, and giving out “Shoes that Grow” to Tapologo Day Care and Open Baptist Church, Flying Home (Oct 11-14)

  1. We’re absolutely overwhelmed with this fantastic trip, and will pray for the impact in the lives of all to whom you ministered!


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