The Journey Begins! May 13-16

Dumelang everyone! (Hello in Setswana)

After 38 hours of traveling and a good night’s sleep, we are finally writing this blog post in Mochudi, Botswana! We are thankful for this opportunity to serve in Botswana for four weeks and we will keep you all updated on a variety of ministries throughout this missions trip.

On March 17th, we had our Potluck Craft Fair Fundraiser and we were fully funded after! It was a great turn-out at Ustick Baptist Church, thanks everyone for coming!


On May 5th, the Botswana Missions Team (Bob, Miriam, Brittany Bishop and Curtiss Depuy) and the Support Management Team (Roger & Janet Baker, Michael & Christine Bowman, Bill & Barbara Place) and some members of the UBC Foreign Missions Committee (Mike & JoAnn Webb and Sharee McMahon) and Pastor Greg prayed at Ustick Baptist Church before the Sunday service. We definitely felt the support of everyone here in Boise, Idaho! Thank you all for your financial and prayer support for our 3rd missions trip to Africa!

While getting ready for this trip, Brittany was finishing her last semester of college! On Saturday May 11th, (just 2 days before leaving for Africa) Brittany graduated from Boise State University with a Bachelors of Arts in Visual Arts. This was her view from the commencement at Taco Bell Arena. There were over 1,000 graduates at both the morning and afternoon ceremonies.

Here is Brittany after she received her diploma!


Huge confetti celebration! It was a fun day with Brittany’s family and friends.


A few days before we left Idaho, we all set up the equipment for a dress rehearsal. Here is Curtiss and Bob practicing an opening trick for a math program. Miriam also practiced her Story Lady talk where she used felt images to tell the whole story of the Bible in about 10 minutes.


On May 13th, the team arrived at the Boise Airport around 3pm. Their first flight to Seattle left around 5pm. Thanks Rebekah Fogler, and her daughter Esther, Roger Baker, Micheal & Christine Bowman for praying with us and sending us off!


On the first airplane! First stop Seattle, then New York City, then Johannesburg then Gaborone!

Getting ready to land in the Seattle area.


The plane from Seattle to New York City was about a 5 hour flight.


On the plane from New York City to Johannesburg, about a 14 hour flight! Our layover for our last flight was only an hour long so we literally ran to our gate, it felt good to get some exercise after sitting for over 14 hours! We had some help from airport staff to rush through security, but we barely missed our flight to Gaborone. Luckily, there was another flight about an hour and a half later, so we ate a leisurely lunch and our baggage arrived with us too!


Miriam with her favorite animal in the OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg. Fun fact: Brittany took a similar photo of Miriam a few years ago!


Finally arrived in the Gaborone airport! George Steinbach, the national director for Youth for Christ, picked us up around 2pm Bostwana time on May 16. Fun fact: Botswana celebrated their 50th independence anniversary a few weeks after we visited in 2016, so we will continue to see the Botswana 50 logo everywhere!


After getting picked up from the airport, we went grocery shopping at Pick & Pay.


Our living room at the Youth For Christ staff house in Mochudi. It’s crazy to think that we were just here 7 months ago!


After a good night’s sleep, we rested at the house and started to prepare for our upcoming programs and marriage conferences. It gets dark around 6pm so Brittany enjoyed walking around the yard at sunset.


Beautiful yellow flowers blooming in the front yard!


Interesting seed pods in the back yard.


We had a day off to rest and get over jet-lag, but we have a busy week ahead, with an event planned every day! Thanks so much for all of your prayers, we definitely appreciate all of your support!


Also please continue to pray for Botswana! ❤

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