First Days in Botswana! May 17-20

Hi everyone!

Here is a quick update on what we have been up to the past few days!

On Friday the 17th, we stopped by the Youth for Christ Center and saw Ember, who we worked with last time. We took a group photo in front of this wall with YFC staff 7 months ago 🙂


Later that day, we went to Sebele Center, a shopping plaza, to pick up speakers for our first math program on Monday morning. A Christian music and bookstore called Cross Gold fixed YFC’s speakers which works with the mixer board that we bought for them last year.


We went to Airport Junction Mall to pick up more supplies for our house and for the upcoming programs. Seven months ago, this giant playground was under construction, and now it’s finished and looks like so much fun!


After our errands, we ate lunch with George at Wimpy. It was good to meet with him again and we are looking forward to spending time with his family soon.


On Saturday the 18th, we prepared for the upcoming marriage conference. We finalized the attendee’s workbooks and our PowerPoint presentation. We are planning fun activities and messages along with applications. Also, Bob, Brittany, and Curtiss practiced a few complicated magic tricks for our first math program on Monday.


Bill and Barbara Place, members of our support management team, designed these connection cards that have different Bible verses on the front. Many adults and children wrote encouraging messages on the back side. We had fun looking through many of these cards with notes such as, “Praying for you from across the globe” and “Jesus loves you and someone in Idaho, USA loves you too!” Other cards have marriage advice that we will give out to people who will attend our marriage conferences.  Thanks to everyone at UBC who wrote one of these cards, we think it will be a great blessing to people here!


On Sunday the 19th, we woke up to this beautiful sunrise!


We went to Crosspoint Family Church with Maruping, the director for Youth For Christ in Mochudi. Inside the bulletin was a short announcement about our marriage conference that we will host at this church. We met the pastor who started preaching at Crosspoint only 6 months ago. Fun fact: Bob preached at this church on his birthday last year!


Bob and Miriam went on stage to do a quick promo about the Marriage Enrichment Conference. They mentioned that we have come from America and shared a marriage conference in Durban, South Africa, last year. After their announcement, the sign-ups doubled in size! After church we had lunch with Maruping at Nando’s, a popular African restaurant.


On Monday the 20th, we did two math and gospel programs at Matsieng Primary School in Mochudi. Mr. X and Curtiss opened each program with a silly trick involving a red silk. They were so amazed at this simple trick and then introduced the fact that the secret to all of Mr. X’s tricks is mathematics. 


Mr. X’s opening trick surprised the children! He also did a variety of math tricks that were exciting and motivational.


Each program was an hour long and we ended it with a new trick called Finish Strong. It teaches children to hold tight to Jesus and the Bible and good character traits like courage, determination, perseverance, and positive attitude. 


The children loved the show and remembered that when life gets hard, they can do it!


Prayer Requests:

  1. Pray that our first marriage conference this Saturday will be a great turn out, and people will be encouraged to strengthen their marriages.
  2. Pray that our math and gospel school programs will be effective and the children will take to heart the messages about Jesus.
  3. Pray that more workers will be raised to help Youth for Christ ministry because the harvest is ripe but the workers are few.  Maruping, our main source of transportation, had to go out of town suddenly because of a family emergency. Pray that George and Em can transport us to all of our upcoming ministry opportunities.

Thanks so much for reading! ❤

2 thoughts on “First Days in Botswana! May 17-20

  1. I am so encouraged by your updates and posts! I love seeing the interest and joy on the children’s faces! Your impact is so powerful. Praise the Lord! Praying for your health and God’s Spirit to surround you always.


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