Math & Gospel School Programs, Art Workshop at Stepping Stones, Bible Club, etc. (May 21-23)

Hey everyone! The past few days have been very busy and wonderful. Thanks so much for praying for us, we definitely appreciate it! 🙂 Recent prayer requests are at the bottom.

On Tuesday the 21st, we did a math and Gospel program at the Learning Center School in Gaborone. It’s a private Christian school and we were impressed by the large stage!


Most of the school was able to attend and they had so much fun!


After crazy math magic tricks, we shared the Gospel. When we opened our Gospel Math equation, they all clapped!


The final trick called Finish Strong focuses on holding tight to four character traits and Jesus and the Holy Bible.


On Wednesday the 22nd, we started the day with a math and Gospel show at Ramogotsi Primary School near Mochudi. The kids loved Mr. X’s humor!


They all listened and participated well. Here they are raising their hands to answer a math equation.


After the math program Mr.X posed with the students.


The teachers who were able to attend the program.


The kids loved selfies!


On that afternoon, Brittany led an Art Workshop at Stepping Stones International. There were about 30 kids who listened to her explain how God is worthy of our creativity because He created us! She also talked about a variety of art projects completed at Boise State University and brought Idaho & Africa ceramic ornaments and Bible verse photography. She then briefly explained the elements of art and principals of design to understand any work of art.


Then the group divided into 3 stations. One was led by Brittany who showed them how to place painters tape into a shape of a cross and color around it, then reveal the negative space when finished. They used oil pastels and crayons to create any design they wanted, and some wrote a Bible verse.


Bob’s station taught the kids how to make an origami house, piano, and fox puppet. Thanks Rebekah Fogler for finding and sending the instructions through the internet from Boise, Idaho!


Miriam’s station taught the kids how to reveal a magical watercolor painting using white crayons as resist. Some kids also used Bible verse cards as inspiration for a zentangle drawing.


At the end of the workshop, we gave each of the kids a Connection card from someone in Idaho! Thanks everyone at Ustick Baptist Church for writing a card for these teenagers!


On Thursday the 23rd, we had a busy day with a variety of ministries with Em from Youth for Christ. We started our day at Legae English Medium School with our math program. Here are the kids getting surprised at a magical color changing die!


Curtiss and a teacher played a magical game of tic tac toe. Look how active the students were in the game.


After we packed up our show in the morning, Bob and Miriam went to Crosspoint Family Church for a meeting with the pastor about the marriage conference. Em, Curtiss and Brittany went to Princess Marina Hospital to pray for healing for babies. (Photography wasn’t allowed within the hospital premises)


After that, we went to Legae Academy to help with the Bible Club. Em started the session with a few worship songs on her guitar. Then Miriam shared her story of the Bible.


Then Bob shared 4 practical ways to make wise decisions.


After a time of prayer, we gave each of the teenagers a hand-written connection card. Thanks to the Awana girls at Ustick Baptist Church for writing some of these cards, they loved them! They were so happy to receive a special card. Please continue to pray for these kids! 


After the Bible Club, we met in this building at Bokamoso School to help with a tutoring club. (We can’t share any photos of the teenagers because some are at-risk or orphans.) We were happy to see Owen again, who we worked with last year. We helped the kids with English and then gave them a connection card from UBC.


Prayer requests:

  1. Please pray for Bob because he has been experiencing a painful toothache for the past few days. We got some medicine at a pharmacy and have a dentist appointment soon.
  2. Please pray for the hundreds of children that we have ministered to, that they will take the message of the Gospel to heart.
  3. Please pray for our marriage conference tomorrow! We are excited to share fun activities and lessons to about 25 people at Crosspoint Family Church from 9am to 3pm.


Thanks so much for reading, we really appreciate your support! ❤


2 thoughts on “Math & Gospel School Programs, Art Workshop at Stepping Stones, Bible Club, etc. (May 21-23)

  1. Brittany, love the mission reports! Praying for you and the team. Mike and the entire UBC Mission Committee.


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