Marriage Conference, Classroom Workshops, Math & Gospel Programs, Mokolodi Nature Reserve, etc. (May 24-29)

Hi everyone!

Wow! These past few days have been wonderful and full of good memories 🙂

On Saturday May 25th, Bob and Miriam presented the Redeemed Family Marriage Conference at Crosspoint Family Church. They shared ten ways the couples could tell that God is redeeming their marriage and family. They also explained five ways to improve communication biblically.


Here are some of the people during couple share time.


Miriam shared the story of the Bible summarizing highlights from creation to completion (the new heaven and new earth). She emphasized that we need salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ. Having God at the center of the couple’s relationship is the most important aspect of marriage.


After lunch the couples divided into 5 groups to for a fun puzzle activity. Each puzzle had a different photograph that Brittany took around the world. They learned how to help each other and work together.


All of the couples and Pastor Dayne and Natasha on the right side.


On May 26th, we rested at home while Bob recovered from his gum infection. It was also Curtiss’s birthday! Here is a cool baobab tree in the Youth for Christ staff house’s backyard. Look at the size of the trunk!


On May 27th, we went back to Matsieng Primary, the first school we visited, to do three classroom workshops. Mr. X started each workshop with a few math magic tricks, explained simple problem solving techniques, and showed them number patterns.


At the end of each workshop, they all learned how to make a star with a sheet of paper and only one cut with a pair of scissors! This school had several students who were nearly blind. Even they were successful with a little extra help! They all had fun and learned a lot about geometry.


Then we shared a simplified message of the Gospel by explaining the colors of the bracelet. At the conclusion, we gave them each a bracelet and a card explaining the truth of each bead with Bible verses.


On May 28th, we went to Rainbow Primary School in Gaborone. Here are some of the kids before the program.


The finale of one of the opening tricks (Photo courtesy of Curtiss, who was backstage)


The kids were so excited!


They interacted with the magical game of Tic Tac Toe with Curtiss the Great!


The girl on stage won, meaning all of the kids in the audience won! The crazy car race trick explains how students should encourage each other.


Later that afternoon, we drove back to Mochudi to do a magic program with a Gospel emphasis at Stepping Stones. These were the same kids that we did our art workshop with last week. They listened  very attentively.


Bob had fun with a variety of magic tricks that taught many lessons.


We shared the Gospel with the kids and gave them a Gospel bracelet and Bible verse card that explained the colors. The poster below shows an acronym of the Gospel with the words of John 3:16.


On May 29th, our lunch was at Sanitas Tea Garden, an outdoor restaurant in Gaborone. It was a beautiful venue with a large plant store. We decided to celebrate the birthdays today. Em’s birthday was in April, Curtiss’s birthday was May 26, and Brittany’s birthday is June 14. It started with this wonderful lunch and ended with our time on a “safari.”


After running a few errands, we went to Mokolodi Nature reserve for a game drive! Here we are on the safari van. Thanks Em for joining us!


We saw a variety of animals like warthogs, guinea fowl, hares, zebras, and many impalas! According to Em, impalas are as common like squirrels on game drives!


We also saw ostriches in the gorgeous African sunlight. This one is the female — the male has black feathers (just outside this picture).


A family of giraffes walked right past the safari van, putting on quite a show for us! There was a cute baby giraffe hiding in the bush too!


Near the end of the game drive, we saw a parent and baby white rhino through the bush!


The incredible sunset last night reminded us of Psalm 19:1, “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands.”


Prayer requests and praises:

  1. Please pray for more doors to open and more opportunities to minister. We are waiting to hear back from more schools.
  2. Please pray for the couples at the marriage conference and for all the kids who attended our school programs.
  3. Please pray for George Steinbach, the national director for Youth for Christ Botswana. He is in Johannesburg, South Africa for a few days with his family for medical reasons.
  4. Praise that Bob is feeling much better. We went to the dentist yesterday and found out he had a gum infection so they prescribed pain medicine and antibiotics.


Thank you so much for reading and praying for us! ❤

1 thought on “Marriage Conference, Classroom Workshops, Math & Gospel Programs, Mokolodi Nature Reserve, etc. (May 24-29)

  1. Nice post! Had a great time with you guys! About the impala, I meant it more like they are so common in game reserves that after awhile you don’t get very excited to see them just like you wouldn’t get excited to see a squirrel in America because they are so common. But they aren’t common outside the game reserves so it is still nice to see them and they are beautiful animals…just meant it’s not rare to see them on a game drive 😉, unlike the larger antelope like eland which we didn’t see at all.


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