Dinner at Table 52, Math & Gospel Programs, etc. (May 30th – June 4th)

Hi everyone!

Here’s a quick update about what we have been doing the past few days.

On Thursday, May 30th, it was a national holiday (Ascension Day) so all of the schools were closed. We had a much needed rest day at home after several great long days. Here is a picture of part of the backyard of the Youth for Christ staff house.


On Friday May 31st, we drove to Airport Junction, a popular shopping mall, to do a few errands. On the way from Mochudi, animals like cows, goats, and sheep wander the street.


After getting groceries and more data for our internet, we had dinner at Europa with Em. Even inside some of the grocery stores in Gaborone look American!



On Saturday June 1st, Bob and Miriam celebrated their 38th anniversary with George and Zi-lee Steinbach. They got dressed up and went to Table 52, a restaurant with a view!


While the parents were away, Brittany and Curtiss played with their three daughters and worked on a variety of fun art activities together. They used crayons, oil pastels, and watercolors to make fridge-worthy artwork with Bible verses.


George and Zi-lee had never been to the tallest restaurant in Botswana! (28 floors up)


Bob and Miriam enjoying a night out.


One of the tallest buildings in Gaborone.


On Sunday June 2nd, we went to Open Baptist Church in Gaborone. Last year we did a youth group program here and also gave several Shoes that Grow to kids. It was good to be back and see a few familiar faces and to get to know more people.


After a few worship songs, the pastor preached a message from Colossians 2.


On the way back from church, we drove past a meeting of Botswana-South African cult (secret society) where members wear white clothes. They believe in a mixture of traditional African ancestry worship blended with animism and Christianity. While some people believe that Botswana is mainly a Christian country, it still has cults and heresies.


Later that night, we had dinner with Charh and his son Hope. Brittany gave him handmade Idaho and Africa shaped ceramic ornaments and Bob and Miriam gave him a new Bible for his birthday.


On Monday June 3rd, we went to Lady Mitchison School right next to the Youth for Christ Botswana building. The kids were so excited to watch Mr. X and listen to the message of hope and wonder.


The kids were amazed and paid attention during the whole program.


Mr. X presented the Gospel using an evangelism cube with different pictures of important parts of the Gospel.


After presenting the Gospel, Mr. X concluded with the Finish Strong trick. It emphasized that we should have courage, perseverance, determination, a good attitude, Jesus and the Bible to finish the race well.


After our program, we walked next door to the YFC building for their monthly prayer meeting with George, Em, Maruping and other YFC staff.


On June 4th, we went to Kgabo Sereto Primary school in Mochudi. Here is Mr. X and Curtiss doing a silly opening trick.


Mr. X explained how many stars there are in an icosidodecahedron. He told the students that they are all stars in mathematics, whether they realize it or not.


There were about 200 students in the audience. Here is Mr. X showing the importance of equality with number blocks.


After he presented the Gospel message, he concluded again with the Finish Strong trick. This illustrates that success in school involves effort and hard work.


Prayer Requests & Praises:

  1. We praise God that He has opened the doors for more opportunities to share the Gospel! We have programs at different primary schools every day this week, and more schools want us to come back again. Our schedule is almost completely full!
  2. Praise God that a headmaster from a neighboring school, who visited a teacher after the program today, wants us to come to his school next week.
  3. Pray for all of the students in the schools who have listened to our program. Pray that they will remember our message of hope and wonder and that they might trust in the Lord.
  4. Pray for Youth for Christ Botswana because they need more full time national volunteers. George Steinbach’s big plans is to begin an outreach program further north in Botswana, near Francistown, the next biggest city in Botswana but they need more help. Maruping is based in Mochudi and only works with about 6 part-time volunteers but is praying for 10 volunteers to help with a variety of ministries. Em works mostly in Gaborone and could use a lot more help as well. She also needs to find a new place to live soon.


Thank you so much for reading and praying for us! ❤


4 thoughts on “Dinner at Table 52, Math & Gospel Programs, etc. (May 30th – June 4th)

  1. Thank you for the great update. God is definitely giving you opportunities yo share the gospel as well as connect with the people there. Yes, we will continue praying for opportunities and for the hearts of the people to turn to Him and accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord. Is Bob’s tooth feeling better? You are in our prayers. Happy Anniversary to you, Bob and Miriam! Glad you got to celebrate together.


  2. Great updates and pictures Brittany! Well done! Praying for your whole team, often! Praying especially for those people (young or old) in Africa who God speaks to their hearts through His Word and His servants (Bob, Miriam, Brittany, and Curtiss!) to trust in Jesus as Savior and Lord! ALL for God’s glory!
    Also…Happy belated Anniversary Bob & Miriam (June 1st)!
    AND…Happy belated birthday Curtiss (May 26) and a Happy “pre-birthday” to you too Brittany (June 14)!


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