Math & Gospel Programs, Bible Club, YFC Worship Night, etc. (June 5-9)

Hey everyone!

Here’s an update to what we have been up to during the last few days. It’s hard to believe that we only have about a week left of our Botswana Missions Trip. Thank you so much for keeping us in your prayers!

On Wednesday, June 5th, we went to Tlhaakgame Primary School in Bokaa, a village near Mochudi. The students loved posing for photos before the program!


Mr. X opening the program with a colorful silk trick.


People often ask how math and gospel overlap, so we share this equation at our programs. 1 cross + 3 nails = 4 given! Some students and teachers were taking notes throughout the program too.


Here is a boy running through the finish line! He represented all of the students who can hold on tight to courage, determination, perseverance, a good attitude, Jesus, and the Bible.


After the program, over 130 kids asked for Bibles from Youth for Christ! They all rushed toward Brittany and George Steinbach, the national director of YFC Botswana.


They wrote down their names, so pray for these kids and that they will read the Bible.


On Thursday, June 6th, we went to Believer’s Destiny Academy, an English Medium Primary School in Gaborone. Bob and Miriam visited this school back in 2016, and a few of the students remembered them! Before we started our program, all of the kids sang a few short worship songs. Here they are shining for Jesus!


After fun math magic tricks, Mr. X shared the gospel with the Evangelism Cube and explained the importance of praying, reading the Bible, and connecting with other people.


Although we had technical difficulties with the microphones, the students were very understanding and listened well. Here is a boy breaking through the finish line during the finale trick!


Then we went to Legae Secondary School for the Bible Club that YFC hosts. Every week they get together for worship and a Bible lesson. We visited this group last week too. Bob shared a few fun magic tricks and then explained the importance of reading the Bible. One magic trick called “Agree with all of Scripture” matches facts like Satan is a liar, Heaven is Real, People Need the Lord, Jesus Saves, and The Bible is True.


Later that afternoon, we went to Bokamosa Primary School to work with the tutoring group Owen leads, like we did last week. Bob wanted to teach over 20 students how to play chess, so we bought several new chess games for them. Chess is a popular game in Botswana. He shared how chess is like life because we all fight our own battles and we need to know how to make wise choices. He also explained how chess is like the gospel.


On Friday, June 7th, we went to Botlhale Primary school in Phakalane, near Gaborone. Here are the kids raising their hands when they see the triangles and pentagons in the icosidodecahedron.


The kids were so amazed at one color changing trick!


After the program, about 20 students rushed up to Ember and asked for Bibles. Pray for these kids as well!


Later that evening, we joined some of the YFC volunteers for a worship night out on a farm. We sang songs around a bonfire after a traditional Botswana dinner. We had a great time praising Jesus under the beautiful stars!


On Saturday, June 8th, we had a rest day at home and played with puzzles and math games with George and his three daughters.


On Sunday June 9th, we went to His People Church in Gaborone North with Em. It’s a small church plant from a larger church in the area. Right now, they meet at a different house every month. We enjoyed the worship songs and a thought-provoking sermon from 2 Timothy 2:20-22.


Prayer Requests and Praises:

  1. Praise that we are all in pretty good health. Bob’s gum infection is all gone, thanks to the dentist, antibiotics, and your prayers!
  2. Continue to pray for Youth for Christ Botswana and the variety of outreaches and ministries they do throughout the year.
  3. Pray for the rest of our missions trip, as we have a busy week ahead of us. We have math assemblies at three schools, two schools where we will visit classrooms and show the teachers new ways to teach math to their students, Owen’s tutoring group for vulnerable teens and orphans, and two presentations at Stepping Stones for youth.

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