Presentations at Stepping Stones, Dinner with friends, and final Math & Gospel Programs, etc. (June 10-14)

Hey everyone!

Here’s an update to what we have been doing the last few days. Thanks so much for reading our blog and praying for us! It’s crazy to think that we only have a few days left of our Botswana Mission Trip!

On Monday, June 10th, we went to Phaphane Primary School in Mochudi.


Here is Mr. X teaching the wonder of math with number blocks.


Here is a student breaking through the finish line representing success in math.


Later that afternoon, we went back to Lady Mitchison Primary School for classroom workshops. This school is next door to the Youth for Christ Botswana building. The kids had so much fun learning problem solving concepts and geometry!


We shared the Gospel with a large bracelet after each workshop. 


We gave Gospel bracelets to the students. Afterwards, many students wanted to have a Bible so they wrote their names down and Youth for Christ will give them one soon.


On Tuesday, June 11th, we went back to Legae Primary School for two classroom workshops. There were about 80 students at each workshop and they had so much fun learning math patterns and making stars!


Here is the Botswana Missions Team with the Deputy Headmaster who was so happy to have us back.


Later that night, we went to a friend’s house for dinner and a hilarious board game. Dayne is the pastor at Crosspoint Family Church, where we did our marriage conference. It was a lovely evening getting to know them better.


On Wednesday, June 12th, we went to Stepping Stones International for two presentations about God’s view of relationships. We had a fun afternoon with the leadership participants (18-25 years) The participants were mistakenly told that our presentation would be on a different day, but people were called and we had more than we expected! Bob shared a few fun magic tricks about working together.


Miriam shared a quick testimony about what she did while waiting for her husband. They all applauded when she told them that she celebrated her 38th anniversary just the week before and that the wait was worth it!


Curtiss shared a quick testimony about his life and shared several verses of encouragement. The participants were very attentive.


Brittany shared about her artwork and how God created people to be creative. Then they divided into groups and created a simple artwork with a cross in the center. This was similar to her art workshop she did a few weeks ago for the after school youth.


After sharing the Gospel, we gave them Gospel bracelets, and a connection card with a handwritten note. Thank you to those who filled out a card. Here is most of the group also holding up their cross art activity!


Later that afternoon, we met with the after school youth for the third and final time. They started the program with fun activities called body bands where the students made shapes with elastic bands.


Bob shared fun magic tricks with the students and talked about working together.


On Thursday, June 13th, we went to Modipane Primary School for a math and gospel program. Seven months ago we gave many pairs of Shoes that Grow to children at this school. It was good to go back and share our message of hope and wonder.


Even the little kids came to watch part of the program. Notice the backdrop billowing out. The wind was quite strong so we had to tie it to the tables in front and the one in back.


Later that afternoon, we also visited the Bible club at Legae for the last time. Bob shared the Finish Strong magic trick with a Biblical message.


Then we went to Bokomoso Junior Secondary School to help with Owen’s tutoring group. Bob shared how Chess Helps Every Student Succeed. Then he showed them an amazing game of chess.


Bob plans to continue to teach the students chess via e-mail with Owen.


On Friday, June 14th, we went to Northside Primary School for our math program. Because it was a private international school, we couldn’t share the gospel, but it was still a fabulous program! They sang happy birthday to Brittany with a fun South African song. Here are the students amazed by one of Mr. X’s math magic tricks.


Here is Mr. X showing his silly rope routine. It was a great school for our final math program!


Prayer Requests:

  1. We will be heading back home to Idaho on Tuesday, June 18th and will arrive at the Boise airport around 5pm on Wednesday the 19th. (Do not be surprised at the dates, we will still be traveling for 38 hours due to the time difference). Pray for safe travels!
  2. Pray for Youth for Christ staff and all of the ministries they do.
  3. Pray for George Steinbach’s health.
  4. Pray for possible upcoming trips and more opportunities to share the Good News.


Thank you so much for reading and praying for us! ❤

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