Last days in Botswana and Traveling Home (June 15-20)

Hey everyone!

This is our last blog post for our Botswana Missions Trip 2019! Be sure to scroll down to the bottom for final statistics for this missions trip. Thanks so much for reading and praying for us!

On Saturday, June 15th, we went to the Main Mall, which is an outdoor shopping mall in downtown Gaborone, the capital of Botswana. We walked over to the Parliament Building which was nearby. Notice the giant globe in the center with Africa on the front.


For lunch we went to the Main Deck, one of our favorite restaurants, that we visited last year and back in 2016.


The restaurant overlooks part of the vendor booths. There were quite a variety of souvenirs.


On Sunday June 16th, we went to His People Church at Northside Primary School, where we did our last math program! Em played the cajon drum during the worship service.


The preacher spoke a message about spiritual discipline. After church they had a braai (African BBQ) outside to celebrate Father’s Day.


Later that afternoon, we watched Aladdin to celebrate Brittany’s birthday. It was great to have Em, George, Zi-lee and their three daughters join us! It was the first time that the girls have been to a movie theater!


On Monday June 17th, we had a debrief meeting at the Youth for Christ office. We talked about the ministry, gave them thank you gifts and took one last group photo with Maruping, George, and Em who are the full time staff of YFC Botswana.


On Tuesday night June 18th, we left on our first flight home! This was the plane that took us from Gaborone, Botswana, to Johannesburg, South Africa. No glitches here…


Getting ready for our 15 hour flight from Johannesburg to New York City. Thankfully we had no issues at this airport.


We arrived at the New York City JFK airport a little ahead of schedule. But we only had two hours to go through customs, pick up our luggage from baggage claim and take it to the right spot for the next plane, go through TSA security, and get to the gate on time to board the next plane took longer than we thought. We missed our plane by a matter of minutes! So after several hours of changing our tickets both for the flight from New York City to Seattle and the final flight from Seattle to Boise, we settled down in the airport to spend the night in the lobby until we could catch the same plane, one day later.


Finally, we were on our way home! This is a picture overlooking downtown Seattle from the airplane. Notice the Space Needle!


On our final flight home we caught a picture of the Lucky Peak area. It was so good to see familiar sights! The best sight of all was to see the friends and family that were able to meet us at the airport at 9pm on June 20th. Instead of the 38 hours traveling that we anticipated, it took 61 hours!


Final statistics of our Botswana Missions Trip 2019:

We visited 15 primary schools, 13 of which we were able to share the Gospel. We returned to three of those schools to do classroom workshops for about 450 students to share fun math activities and share the gospel again. We did programs for nearly 3,500 students and almost 3,000 students heard the gospel.

We gave out over 350 gospel bracelets, 39 Armor of God coins, and over 150 handwritten connection cards from people in Idaho. Over 150 students asked for Bibles at the end of several school programs.

We also presented a marriage conference at a local church, presented relationship programs at Stepping Stones International, and helped with a tutoring program for at-risk students.

Want to learn all about our trip? Come to the Ustick Baptist Church potluck and presentation on Sunday, July 7 around 12:30pm! We hope we can see many of you there as we share what God did on the 2019 Botswana Mission Trip!

Thanks so much for reading our blog posts over the past month!  ❤


2 thoughts on “Last days in Botswana and Traveling Home (June 15-20)

  1. Such a PRAISE you all made it back Safely!! It looked like God used you all in many different ways in the lives of those people!! The gospel was proclaimed …..seeds if God’s truth was planted. Now we’ll wait and see what God does next to draw these people to Him. Thank you all for being obedient to His calling. I know he used all of you to accomplish a part of His plan.


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